A young woman suffering from depression tries to solve her unbearable carousel of thoughts with herself. In the form of a tape diary, she tries to return to her zest for life and her easygoing, light-hearted manner, but cannot find the strength to share her burdening thoughts with people who could help her.

Goldfisch im Hamsterrad, Claudia Kainberger, Kollektiv Senfblau, Shortfilm
Film Still, Kollektiv Senfblau, Goldfisch im Hamsterrad, Claudia Kainberger


Luna: Claudia Kainberger

Old Woman: Laura Bauer


Concept and Producers: Christoph Amort, Patricia Neuhauser, Christoph Platzer as Kollektiv Senfblau

Director: Christoph Amort

Script, AD: Patricia Neuhauser

Cinematographer: Christoph Platzer

AC: Lena Riedler, Constanze Radak, Simon Alexander Höbert, Markus Beham

Gaffer: Oliver Rienzner

Best Boy: Max Blum

Art Direction: Magdalena Umkehrer, Paula Nikolussi, Lea Sophie Kurz

Art Assistant: Michelle Pointinger

Hair & Make-up Artist: Chiara Guscelli

Unit Manager: Lukas Halder

Production Assistant: Magdalena Vlajčić, Anna Unterweger

Sound Recordist: Francesco Schmitz Zecchin, Thelonious Hamel, Markus Wilfinger

Sound Design: Markus Wilfinger

Music: Thelonious Hamel, Jakob Vasak

“Lemonade” - by David Byglt

Written & produced by Benjamin Typplt, Jakob Vasak, Julian Bertschler

Foley Artist: Markus Wilfinger

Piano Re-Recording: Thelonious Hamel, Jakob Vasak

Mixing: Martin Löcker, Markus Wilfinger, Thelonious Hamel, Jakob Vasak

Design: Valentina Lancellotti

Editor: Sarah Hartl, Christoph Amort

Grading: Christoph Amort, Christoph Platzer